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Recently, push information and Yibin City Cuiping District Animal Husbandry Bureau of agriculture and forestry construction of agricultural products traceability system formally signed, marking our company successfully entered the field of agricultural products traceability, and this system is currently used in Wuliangye wine special grain base, full traceability provides high-quality grain green pollution-free for the Wuliangye group, to provide protection for the Wuliangye liquor higher quality.


According to the deputy mayor of Yibin city Zhang Yanli introduced, according to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and provincial level two government related to the deployment of the "three rural" work, put forward the idea of agricultural development for their own advantages to develop scientifically Cuiping District, to create special agricultural products, local conditions, scientific development, integration of resources to establish a Wuliangye wine special grain planting base, and through the implementation of traceability system of agricultural products to provide high-quality wine with food in Yibin soil and climate for Wuliangye group.

Cuiping District Animal Husbandry Bureau of agriculture and forestry chief agronomist Liu Hao introduction, Cuiping District Agricultural Products Traceability System Construction in accordance with the general requirements of the Ministry of agriculture, the system of basic traceability from planting green ecological planting base, standard seeds, farmers, real time of planting process, organic fertilizer use, pesticide residue free of back, will be planting base area, seed input quantity, the amount of organic fertilizer, pesticides, food collection quantity limit binding, farmers will be planting personnel, personnel, inspection personnel, delivery personnel, delivery personnel will all bind, transport vehicles, driving track, market circulation comprehensive real-time monitoring records through many cameras online around the clock on the growth of planting grain and create a transparent process of agricultural products quality and safety traceability.

The company adopts the organic combination of information push things RFID and two-dimensional code technology and application based on the Internet and big data, effectively solve the full real-time traceability of agricultural products, through the Wuliangye wine special food traceability system implementation, the first in the country to achieve from raw materials to packaging to back the process of the circulation, the benchmarking and demonstration in the wine industry and food industry. Cuiping District agricultural products traceability system can not only promote the construction of Yibin traceability system, but also can improve the characteristics of agricultural products in Cuiping District government to build a strong foundation for more high-quality wine, Wuliangye provides food safety and quality.

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