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Chengdu destroyed 3000 bottles of fake wines, experts teach you to distinguish between genuine and fake Wuliangye
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13 this month, Chengdu City, Chongzhou Longxing town a factory, a bottle of "flying Moutai" was a rough open mill. Next, in the liquor filled air, bottles and bottles of counterfeit Moutai, Wuliangye and other famous wines have been thrown into the mill.

This is the Chengdu focus on the destruction of seized counterfeit wine scene, more than 3000 bottles of counterfeit wine can not escape the fate of "smashed to pieces". After this harmless treatment, the wine bottle becomes glass slag, while the wine in the bottle will turn waste into treasure, and become a fertilizer with the carcasses of diseased animals.

"These wines are still useful and can be used to turn waste into treasure." Xu Yanan, deputy general manager of Yongxin harmless disposal Co., Ltd., said, "then, these drinks will be used in the treatment of the carcasses of diseased animals, and become useful fertilizer together.".

The rumble of the mill operation, staff will continue to move wine, a bottle after bottle into the shredder. "A total of more than 3000 bottles, all seized before."." Sichuan province food and Drug Inspection Corps commander Long Yueyun said, in this year's period of rum, Sichuan province food and Drug Administration Inspection Corps, Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Food and Drug Administration (micro-blog WeChat) (micro-blog, WeChat) three Joint Inspection Corps on the market of counterfeit liquor were investigated, which, in a surprise attack law enforcement in Chengdu North train station, the scene seized more than 2000 bottles of counterfeit liquor. According to reports, the value of these liquor amounted to about 3000000 yuan.

Chengdu city food and Drug Administration inspectors corps commander Liao Hongping in the live is to remind consumers in the liquor, must be to the regular shopping malls, supermarkets to buy, must check, dobby prior to purchase, if encounter fake, timely call 12331 complaints and reports."

The trick to identify counterfeit professionals teach you a few steps through alcohol

Wuliangye's crackdown said the new Wuliangye could be downloaded from the NFC handset to identify APP scans with dual frequency chips.

And Wuliangye security is divided into: standard, box, cover three security measures, ordinary consumers have other means of identification:

1, knocking the box with his hand, because the Wuliangye box using special materials, will make a dull sound, false relatively crisp.

2, laser lithography laser anti-counterfeit mark sealing cover at both sides of the text and figures, acts as a seal, any part of line, dislocations are fake.

3, each Wuliangye store has a security inquiry machine, each bottle of Wuliangye close to the inquiry machine, you can automatically identify the true and false.

4, the security standard detector, ultraviolet lamp irradiation equipment such as cap seal, genuine reaction with the money was comparable.

5, consumers must go to regular stores, businesses over purchased.

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