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HUAWEI cloud Beijing held a sharing conference, Chang Yun 2 cloud Era
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The world's leading information and communications solutions provider HUAWEI, held in July 11th, "if the foreseeable future, HUAWEI cloud Chinese line Beijing Railway Station activities, from various fields of more than 1000 participants, and discuss how cloud services to drive change in the industry and business innovation. In the Beijing Railway Station, HUAWEI share in the cloud 2 era for the development of cloud services trend insights, a comprehensive display of HUAWEI cloud products, services and ecology, focuses on the solution of HUAWEI software and HUAWEI cloud security, cloud computing, big coffee customers and partners to share their insights and practical results.

HUAWEI cloud, link enterprises now and in the future

With the accelerated arrival of the intelligent society, cloud has become an inevitable choice for the digital transformation of enterprises. HUAWEI believes that the next ten years, will be the 2 cloud era, large and medium-sized enterprises to become the protagonist, enterprise long Yu Yun, by embracing the cloud, integration of cloud computing technology and the concept of innovation, realize the business mode and operation mode of cloud, enhance the experience and efficiency.

Vice president, HUAWEI cloud BU China Business District Secretary Zheng Dianhai in a keynote speech pointed out that in the cloud 2 era, enterprises will consider three issues: first in the deployment of cloud services, data sovereignty and data security issues; second, the application of Xiang Yun how to smooth migration; third, to complete the cloud services in large and medium-sized enterprises to solve plan.

  Vice president of HUAWEI cloud BU, Minister of Chinese business Zheng Dianhai speech

  Based on these customer needs, HUAWEI believes that cloud adapter customers are the best cloud services. HUAWEI provides business oriented cloud services with business boundaries, respect customer data sovereignty, not use customer data into the enterprise value realization; application scenarioses, close to customer needs to build a cloud platform; the establishment of HUAWEI cloud global professional team, including consulting, design, verification, implementation and operation of a complete cloud service solutions.

Zheng Dianhai said: "in order to provide better service experience in the cloud, in July 2017, the original 'HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud' fully upgraded to 'HUAWEI cloud' brand. HUAWEI cloud has three core strengths - trusted, open, global line service capabilities, Open Cloud Architecture Based on OpenStack to construct and provide world-class public cloud, present and future joint enterprises. For large enterprises, HUAWEI help them solve the difficulties in the cloud transformation, better grasp the future; for small and medium enterprises, HUAWEI to accompany them to grow, to help them seize the future."

Up to now, HUAWEI has released 10 categories of a total of 65 cloud services, cloud service partner groups of more than 12000. Many enterprises have China, HUAWEI cloud services in Europe, North America, Latin America, South Pacific and other global regions, including the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), PHILPS, Dongfeng Motor, gold card technology, the full 365.

HUAWEI software development, cloud power, new engineering exploration

HUAWEI software development, general manager of cloud products Zhang Shuxiang made a new engineering, new research and development, the new theme of the speech. With new technology, new formats, new industry to the new economic characteristics of vigorous development, engineering technical personnel have a higher ability of innovation and entrepreneurship and cross-border integration ability, therefore, the education sector reached a new consensus in engineering construction. New economy and new engineering need new software research and development platform urgently.

Software development is a practice of the development of HUAWEI cloud based on nearly 30 years of accumulation, for small and medium-sized software enterprises and software outsourcing enterprises, management of enterprises, Internet companies, universities and the software developers to provide a one-stop cloud DevOps platform, committed to the promotion of the whole industry, agile development. Based on cloud services, the development team can project, manage, configure, manage, code check, compile, build, test, deploy, publish and so on on the cloud.

Ma Ruixin, an associate professor of software engineering at the Dalian University of Technology, delivered a keynote speech to share teaching practices in JAVA programming based on HUAWEI's software development cloud. ChinaSoft international IIG group president Tong strong do "foresee * software: new talent, new carrier, new ecological" keynote speech, sharing service IT Crowdsourcing platform, ChinaSoft international liberation how to cooperate with HUAWEI cloud software development.

Since HUAWEI officially launched cloud software development, has been with the Dalian Qingdao, Fuzhou, Guiyang, and Xi'an city government signed a number of software development, to carry out in-depth cooperation, software innovation teaching platform of Dalian University of Technology, Ocean University of China, Nanjing University, assistant of Xiamen University and other more than 30 universities, development services to more than 300 enterprises, more than 20 thousand developers on a cloud.

Hua Weiyun gets cloud security CSA STAR certification

In the HUAWEI cloud China line. Beijing Railway Station, the international authority certification bodies, the British Standards Association (BSI) announced that HUAWEI cloud access to cloud security CSA STAR international certification. BSI managing director of Greater China, Lin Jin HUAWEI cloud operations department general manager Xue Hao issued HUAWEI cloud CSA STAR gold certification.

As a cloud service providers internationally recognized safety qualification, CSA STAR certification is an enhanced version of ISO/IEC27001 information security management system, combined with the cloud control matrix (Cloud Control Matrix), maturity level evalsuation model, and follow the relevant laws and regulations and standards for cloud computing services for comprehensive, neutral, harsh and accurate safety assessment.

  BSI awarded CSA STAR gold certification for HUAWEI cloud

  Around the "HUAWEI cloud security and trust issues, Beijing Clearing Co. Ltd. CTO Zhao Lei, BSI ICT China District Wanxin Center Technical Director and general manager Hua Weiyun Yang Song, Hua Weiyun security security technology expert He Wei to participate in the roundtable forum, discussion of customer and industry need to cloud security solutions what.

HUAWEI cloud is committed to building an open, credible world class public cloud platform, can provide a full stack cloud security solutions security program, chip level, has received a number of cloud services related to certification and qualification, to participate in the cloud service network security authority standard pilot, is one of the domestic cloud service certification most of all enterprises.

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