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RFID asset management information system program
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System introduction

RFID technology is a bridge between the physical world and the existing IT system, using GPRS wireless transmission function, the activities of daily management of assets and asset management system effectively together, real-time synchronization to achieve the kind of information and information system.

RFID asset management information system at the use of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), the electronic tag for each piece of fixed assets with a global unique ID, and use the handheld reader quickly read device on the electronic tag information, through the built-in communication mode, the wireless communication module to the backend server processing form an automated asset management system.

system function

1, daily management of assets: including new (Jian Dang), modify (borrow), transfer (use), delete (scrap) and other daily asset management;

2, fixed assets comprehensive inquiry: can be a single or a batch of fixed assets inquiry, query conditions, including asset name, asset use personnel, asset use department, etc.;

3, management of scrapped assets: assets scrapped or damaged to the reported loss, the operator reads the RFID tag information of the assets of the asset management, modify the relevant information automatic verification system information, reduce the work intensity of operators, reduce the error rate.

4, asset inventory management: check the goods according to the data and database of RFID mobiles phones to scan the data and make the processing of normal or abnormal data, the actual situation of fixed assets, and according to the Department of personnel, generate inventory profit and loss statement, count sheet;

5, system maintenance functions: to achieve the classification of assets, scrap management, acquisition methods, storage sites, department code, storage personnel identified;

6, security management functions: provide various rights control and password security management means, effective management of accounts, and for different users of different grades of system use rights.

System characteristics

1, the whole system has the characteristics of rapid identification, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation and easy expansion;

2, the asset management system can operate independently, without relying on other systems;

3, large data capacity, the establishment of the registration capital file safe, effective and accurate on assets (with electronic tag assets) data information identification, acquisition, recording, tracking, to ensure the rational use of assets.

4, realize the real time consistent of the assets change information and the system information, and adopt the short message warning reminding function,

5, realize the effective monitoring and recording of the work flow by the backstage system, so that managers can know the allocations and use of the assets in time.

6, easy to read: data reading without light source, and even through the outer package penetration identification;

7, dynamic real-time communication, fast recognition speed: as long as the label into the effective recognition range of the reader, can be identified, can dynamically track and monitor on it, but also can handle multiple labels, batch identification;

8, large data capacity: data capacity can be expanded to dozens of K according to user needs;

9, long service life, wide range of application: closed packaging makes its life considerably more than the printed barcode, radio communication mode, so that it can be applied to dust, oil and other high environmental pollution and radioactive environment;

10, tag data can be dynamically changed: you can use the encoder to write data to the tag, the tag has interactive portable data file function;

11, better security: can be embedded, attached to different shapes, types of products, you can label data for reading and writing passwords,

System implementation benefits

1, the realization of the whole life cycle of assets, the process of intelligent, dynamic, real-time tracking, centralized monitoring and management, the entire process of management without any human intervention. Effectively increase the marginal efficiency of investment and improve the utilization of assets, reduce unnecessary investment in equipment and idle waste.

2, the system realizes the effective supervision of daily work, reduce the daily management of the assets of the pressure, saving every year invested a lot of manpower asset inventory and unnecessary allocations cost, avoiding the loss caused by various factors of assets, improve the enterprise management efficiency.

3, the realization of asset management paperless.

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