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RFID logistics and intelligent warehousing management system
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System introduction

Push information logistics and intelligent warehouse management system, is based on the RFID tag as the carrier of information goods logistics and warehouse management process, using the RFID reader for data acquisition equipment, to the goods of warehouse logistics, distribution, storage, transfer, inventory and other aspects of the data acquisition automation, realize the logistics and warehouse management information acquisition automation management, improve the logistics and supply chain management level and efficiency.

The intelligent system introduces RFID technology on the basis of the existing enterprise, and the data input is fast and accurate. Accordingly, the enterprise can master the real data of the inventory and the materials in transit in a timely and accurate manner.

system function

1, the electronic tag information storage function replaces the manual record: a large amount of information is written into the electronic tag to realize the information binding.

2, intelligent warehousing, shelves, outbound, picking operations. According to the material type, the goods are allocated automatically and the warehouse locations is optimized and the picking path is optimized.

3, easy inventory, through the handheld continuous scanning, you can continuously read the goods information, reduce inventory cycle; or through the RFID access control system, you can quickly scan, a one-time mass storage. Storage information automatically uploaded to the back-end database, access to management data;

5, fast query, enter key information, you can quickly query material information, and quickly locate the material orientation;

6, dynamic inventory forecasting, system early warning function: quality guarantee early warning, maximum minimum inventory, inventory warning, inventory statements, statistics, and daily reports. The database electronic information can provide the first time and real-time storage information for management query and browse, and provide the basis for making management decisions;

7 、 intelligent logistics / freight center site selection, automatic loading, single row calculation;

8, the transportation route optimization based on GIS (Geographic Information System geographic information system);

9, based on GPS (Global, Positioning, System) or wireless communications monitoring, real-time transportation process monitoring and tracking, intelligent logistics data mining.

System characteristics

1, high reliability, relying on RFID technology and network communication technology, to ensure high reliability of the system;

2, the whole process of automatic control, reduce staff labor intensity, reduce manpower, material and other cost consumption;

3, the data real-time is strong, through automatic identification and network real-time interaction, etc., to ensure the real-time data, in the inventory, the operation has more advantages;

4, high accuracy, accurate grasp of material conditions, reasonable optimization of inventory; reasonable maintenance and control of inventory.

5 、 the expansibility is strong, the system has the open structure and the modular function design, the function may increase, may reduce, has the very strong system adaptability;

6, the system has high reliability, maintainability, scalability, and expansion, compatibility and strong;

System implementation benefits

1, the integration of RFID technology into warehousing and logistics management, can effectively complete various business operations, improve warehouse management, improve efficiency and value;

2, reduce the dependence on people in daily work, and reduce the rate of manual error;

3, to achieve inventory management, the smallest packaging units have a unique sign;

4, improve the rate of identification of goods out of storage process, do not check out the box, at the same time identify a number of items, to speed up the processing speed, improve the efficiency of storage and delivery;

5, greatly improve the efficiency of selection and distribution process and accuracy, speed up the delivery, improve the accuracy of entry, exit, storage and transfer,

6, to improve the accuracy of warehouse management, management accuracy and ease of operation, the use of advanced RIFD technology and existing LAN, network management, real-time monitoring of the flow of goods;

7, to make purchasing order plan: label goods and goods corresponding to each item, accurately record the corresponding goods inventory;

8, effectively distinguish between physical inventory and inventory, effective management of tickets, goods, time difference, convenient warehouse and financial reconciliation.

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