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RFID wine traceability security system solutions
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System introduction

Alcohol food safety needs to be started from the prevention of fake and shoddy liquor products, so as to prevent losses and harms to enterprises, businesses and consumers. RFID liquor traceability security system uses the RFID tag as the basic core carrier, the reader to identify the product information, through the association and verification of database system, upload to the product information, to trace the origin of products and product tracking the whereabouts of enterprises and businesses realize effective supervision of products, and provide a reliable way for the authenticity of identification consumer protection, corporate brand image and safeguard the interests of consumers.

RFID tag is the core carrier of traceability security. It consists of chip, antenna and surface marker. Compared with ordinary tags, the unique feature is that the RFID tag chip can store the full commodity information, and the antenna can transmit the energy and information between the tag and the reader.

RFID labels have unique identification characteristics, and they are given unique identification after each bottle of wine is labeled with RFID label on the production line of liquor enterprises. In the fixed line reader on the assembly line, the product information in the tag will be instantly identified and transmitted to the backend database via the network.

In the process of production and packaging of alcoholic products, the information of each bottle of wine sent to the backstage database has become the information basis for matching, inquiring and verifying in every circulation of stock, transportation and sale. On different occasions, dealers, consumers, managers and customers of different users can use special read different types of writing electronic information for recognition of the RFID tag, and uploaded to the database authentication, information query source of alcoholic products etc..

system function

Automatic identification, batch identification, rapid identification

- support traceability and comprehensive information

Automatic statistics - Data Analysis

- widely used in production, logistics, warehousing, distribution, sale and other aspects in the field of management and

System characteristics

- real time: different regions can be through wireless access, dynamic real-time information exchange between the business platform and database

- integrity: a set of solutions to ensure traceability, security, traceability, database management center provides all kinds of query and verification.

Can not be copied by brittle surface standard design, one-time use, to prevent transfer of fraud

- Reliability: special equipment to read, data security, data encryption and authentication, key management system, the world's only TID

- Accuracy: do not need manual registration, greatly reduces the error and the error rate of operation

- easy to operate: the query is simple, users and customers can personally query, query terminal diversification, promote the use of high rate (such as: customers can use NFC mobiles phones inquiries)

- have a unified national liquor traceability platform expansion connection

System implementation benefits

- less artificial statistics misoperation rate, reduce the loss caused by the error

- real time data feedback, manufacturers to grasp market opportunities

- against the infringement of fake and shoddy products, the protection of business interests and the interests of consumers

In recognition of high-tech content, brand protection, brand benefit, quality and enhance the brand image

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