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RFID Tag & Inlay
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Meet ISO15693, ISO18000-6B, EPC1G2 and other international standards, the antenna design and packaging materials can be made into a variety of different forms of labels, such as vehicle tags, pallet tags, labels, tags, books logistics metal labels, personnel access labels, labels, tags and other luggage tickets. Customers may choose or customize the corresponding electronic labels according to their needs.

An electronic tag that can be packaged in various forms. Applied to label manufacturers and OEM customers label production, as well as mass logistics applications, with low cost, high reliability and other characteristics.

The peeling bottom paper is directly pasted on the paper packing box, and the process of "loading and delivering the goods" is realized. Applicable to logistics, supply chain management and many other applications.

PVC laminated standard cards, held in the hands or hanging on the chest. Mainly used in personnel management, library management and vehicle management and other fields.

The metal label can be attached directly to the metal casing. Mainly applicable to chassis, cards and other asset management areas.

The vehicle tags can be directly pasted on the upper surface of the car windshield or inserted in the label holder. Mainly applicable to automobiles management and other fields.

The tag tag is attached to the item to be identified. Mainly used in high-end clothing management and asset management.

The animal tag uses a special animal ear marker and attaches the label to the ear of the animal. Mainly used for livestock breeding, epidemic prevention and quarantine information management of animal meat and livestock.

When the tray label is used, the utility model is directly inserted into the gap hole of the plastic tray or the nail is positioned through the positioning hole, and the label is fixed in the middle of the wooden tray. Mainly applicable to tobacco, logistics and other manufacturing, warehousing and logistics fields.

Ticket labels are held in the hand or hung on the chest. Applicable to conference, entry and exit certificate and ticket management.

The book labels are pasted directly inside the book. It is mainly used in libraries, bookstores and other places.

"Ticket passport" is an innovative collection of tickets and passport integration, installed RFID chip, stop counterfeiting.

Push RFID tag /inlay product specifications and technical parameters


- frequency:

High frequency: 13.56MHz

Ultra high frequency: 840 MHz to 960MHz, 860MHz to 930MHz, 860MHz to 960MHz, 900MHz to 930MHz, 902MHz to 928MHz

- Application: securitytraceability, production, logistics, sales, transportation management

Anti fake, library management, public transportation, identity identification, access control, asset management, etc.

Antenna: - etching, printing

- chip: a global unique TID, using digital signature technology

- size: customized

- read distance: depending on the type of label and configuration

- storage capacity: 512 bits (high frequency) 2056bits (ultra high frequency)

- data retention: 10 years /50 years

Custom design can be customized according to the size and distance of the customer.

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