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RFID mobiles phones
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RFID mobiles phones is a modern high-end smart phones with communication and security scanning. It has excellent RFID built-in module and integrates with the mobiles phones, taking into account the convenience of consumers. The product is suitable for communication with various types of EPC tags, and achieves the perfect collection of RFID technology and smart phoness. Can read the RFID tag information whenever and wherever possible, through a wireless connection, the information back to the server, the server returns information to the mobiles phones, the security check, assets and traceability management query and query inspection application. RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability dedicated mobiles phoness, ultra high frequency RFID technology and smart phoness combined, successfully applied in the food and wine industry quality and safety traceability. For the national food safety and liquor circulation traceability system, query popular, simple and convenient opened a new model.

Product specifications and technical parameters

- equipment size: 152*85*12.2mm

- operating system: Andriod 2.3

- network system: GSM, WCDMA

- Wi-Fi:802.11/b/g/n

Bluetooth: BT2.1+EDR - (A2DP etc.)

Li: built-in antenna

- working frequency: 902~928MHz

- working temperature: -10 ~ C~60 ~ C

- read distance: 0~80cm

- support C1 protocol: ISO18000-6C Gen2

- support RFID standards: GEN2, ISO/ IEC18000-6C

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