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RFID Hand Reader
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It is a multifunctional portable terminal device, support two-dimensional code earcon, can also read the UHF animal ear tag and other types of labels, reading speed, distance, anti fouling, high security label and effectively improve work efficiency.

U small size, easy to carry. Easy to master, operate, and carry into pockets of clothing. In terms of structure, the principle of human engineering is adopted to design, and it is comfortable to feel and can not feel tired for long time use.

U UHF-RFID outstanding performance: tag recognition ability, reading and writing distance, recognition success rate, stable and reliable performance. Other operating bands can be customized, and RFID modules supporting multiple protocols can be extended to enhance scalability.

U module expansion flexibility: according to the actual application needs of customers, matching different functional modules, expanding application areas. Remove unnecessary functional modules, effectively reduce the purchase cost of equipment and the total cost of ownership (total cost of ownership)

U interface is simple and powerful: it is equipped with 2 external data interfaces, mini USB printing interface, and 30Pin USB interface. 30Pin USB interface is the main wired external interface, can be synchronized with the computer as a program to develop, use, or transfer data usage.

U strong and durable, not easy to damage: the whole machine shell hard, close interface. Reader's key part of the package anti collision design, under normal circumstances, even from the 1m many times down to the mud, ground can still work.

U data encryption, authorization management: support smart IC card interface, PSAM card encryption interface. It can be widely used in the field of higher security performance, operator authorization management and so on. Effectively protect customer safety information.

U intelligent control, energy saving and environmental protection: using intelligent power management program, standby power consumption is low. Supports passive working mode, does not transmit power in intermittent state. Excellent power management not only saves energy, but also prolongs the service life of equipment.

U applications: livestock breeding, food traceability, security anti-counterfeiting management, warehousing and logistics management, library management, mobiles police, property management, supply chain management, production data collection and other fields.

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