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iWLY RFID Reader
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iWLY external RFID reader is designed for Apple products, used to read Wuliangye products RFID information, and verify the authenticity. The reader uses the RF anti-counterfeiting technology, through the use of USB connection collocations and apple terminal equipment, query software from iwly running on iphoness/ipads, without opening any packaging case can be within the scope of the identification of the RFID tag Wuliangye wine and other wine series for non traceability query and verify the authenticity of the contact the operation is simple, convenient and accurate.

Product information is as follows:

- size: 85*60*18mm

- power supply: 5V

- working frequency: 902~928MHz

Working temperature: - 0 DEG C~40 DEG C

- read distance: 0~30cm

- support C1 protocol: ISO18000-6C/EPC Gen2

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