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Concentrate on researching & manufacturing RFID products,developing automatic identification technology

The company set design, production, software development, system integration, the introduction of first-class automated production equipment in Europe, testing equipment, software development platform supporting the quality control of the whole process, and strategic alliances with domestic well-known enterprises, through the national ISO9001, CMMI-3, ROHS, the national 3C certification system, won the "2010-2011 Chinese networking solutions ten industry award", "2010-2011 Chinese networking Demonstration Project Excellence Award", "2010 annual Chinese RFID industry's most influential cutting-edge RFID enterprise", "the 2012 annual National Golden Card Project ant is outstanding achievements Award" and "China RFID product innovation award" and "best software Award", "2012 the sun Cup Asian anti-counterfeiting label contest", "smart class silver Chinese RFID standard Contribution Award" and a series of awards, products and services by customers Highly recognized.

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