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Concentrate on researching & manufacturing RFID products,developing automatic identification technology

Enterprise spirit: honesty, innovation, diligence, hard work, and forging ahead

IMPLICATIONS: honesty refers to the character of employees and the basic requirements of the company for their employees;

Innovation refers to all efforts of the company to innovate, from customer needs to meet customer demand;

Diligence means the working attitude of the employee, be conscientious and diligent to do each job, have to suffer first, after the share in the style of work.

"Struggle" means that all of the company should have the spirit of struggle, the courage to struggle in the market, the courage to climb in technology, the whole company struggling together, the future of the company.

Endeavour refers to the company and its employees to set goals for each future, including work and life goals, striving for goals, achieving goals, and achieving good dreams!

Core values: customer first, mutual benefit, people-oriented and sustainable development.

Meaning: take the customer demand as the development direction of the company, and establish win-win development with the customer. And need to pay attention to employees, customers, consumers, old people, and comprehensively promote the implementation of company employees dream, to meet customer needs, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, pay attention to people's attention and the sustained and healthy development.

Business philosophy: to provide "times" and "times" and the high quality products and service for customers, customers realize the value maximization, shaping the pioneering and innovative, dedication, unity and cooperation, have strong execution and fighting capacity, and strive to achieve the dream team of employees, promote the comprehensive development of society.

IMPLICATIONS: the company must do its best to provide customers with quality products and services that are compatible with the times and are well suited to the market. At the same time in the internal to actively create pioneering, innovation, dedication dedication spirit, and unity, to form a strong executive force and combat effectiveness, and to achieve the dream of the employees and the company to strive to promote the all-round development of society.

Company mission: to make the people's food more secure and work hard.

Meaning: work with customers to provide more scientific and advanced protection and traceability for the food safety of the common people, and strive for it.

Company vision: food safety traceability system construction, industry leader

Meaning: to guide the development of the industry in technology and application of food safety, and to achieve the industry operating income and food safety products before ten in the 13th Five-Year period, the industry achieved operating income and food safety products before five in the 14th Five-Year period, the industry achieved operating income and food safety products in 15th Five-Year three during the implementation of the industry, operating income and food safety products in the first period of 15th Five-Year. A leader in the construction of traceability system for food safety.

Cultural philosophy: to create value for customers, for employees to achieve dreams, and create a better future.

Meaning: to create value for customers is the pursuit of the company, to realize the dream for employees is the foundation of the company's development, let us work together to create a better world for the future.

Quality policy: customer first, quality first, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence

Safety policy: safety first, prevention first, full participation, foolproof

Environmental policy: energy saving, emission reduction, green manufacturing

Fire policy: prevention first, prevention and treatment, no danger of anything going wrong

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